Monday, May 19, 2008

What's Happening with Channels 61/62?

In January, a panel appointed by Mayor Doherty requested proposals for an entity to manage Channels 61/62.

The proposal submitted by Scranton Today! STTV, the long-term operators of Channels 61/62, was not chosen. ECTV's proposal was accepted.

ECTV's proposal stated it would be operational within three months of receiving Phase 1 funds - $313,207.46.

Scranton Today has operated with no funding from the City of Scranton since December. Scranton Today needs money to keep Channels 61/62 from going black.

At the May 13th City Council Meeting, a motion to release $20,000 to fund Scranton Today was defeated on a 3-2 vote. Please ask City Council to reconsider this motion or Channels 61/62 may go black.

Scranton Todayʼs Proposal

Startup Costs: $0

ECTVʼs Proposal

Startup Costs: $313,207.46

Scranton Todayʼs Proposal

1st Year Operating Budget: $107,981

ECTVʼs Proposal

1st Year Operating Budget: $158,055

Scranton Todayʼs PEG Management Experience: 9+ Years

ECTVʼs PEG Management Experience: 0 Years

Scranton Today
ʼs Commitment to Airing Unedited Government Meetings: Undisputed

ECTVʼs Commitment: Untested

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