Friday, June 27, 2008

Message from Scott Thomas

The circumstances of Scranton Today’s demise lend themselves to righteous outrage. The competing entity, Electric City TV, was apparently hatched by one of our volunteers and at least one of our employees while they were, so we thought, working for us. The process that selected ECTV over Scranton Today was deeply flawed and ECTV, even before it opened, foundered among financial, staffing, and zoning problems. I would be lying if I said I didn’t take pleasure in some of these recent misfortunes or fantasize that ECTV would implode publicly and spectacularly, but, in truth, the failure of ECTV will do nothing to secure the future of community access television in the Scranton Area. In fact, it may well end it. (It certainly won’t bring back Scranton Today.) So what can you do if you are concerned about open government and free and equitable public access? Get involved with ECTV. Go up to their studios at 933 Prescott Avenue and ask to see their By-Laws. Ask if there are board vacancies. Get yourself on the Board of Directors. Volunteer. Work to bring the values espoused and, we hope, borne out by Scranton Today into a new organization that clearly needs a great deal of help.

I have recently been asked, regarding my tenure with Scranton Today, to describe my proudest moment. This is easy. Back in March 2007, the President of City Council ordered our cameras removed from Council Chambers. Many of you turned out to protest. Many of you communicated your support. Our cameras were gone, but we showed up with a port-a-cam. We lost our live capability so we ran tapes one block up the court to our head-end to make sure we were “almost live.” That night Council voted to restore the cameras partly because of the outrage expressed by the citizens and partly because they realized they could not stop us. They could remove the camera from their wall, but they could not remove the one in our hands. I am convinced this passionate commitment to open government helped to hasten our demise, but if I had a chance to go back in time or, to use an apt metaphor, rewind the tape and edit the show, I would still air it “as is.”

Again, thank you for support over the last decade.

Scott Thomas

Scranton Today Board of Directors

Message from Emily Perry

This message is from Emily Perry, a member of the Scranton Today Board of Directors:

The darkening of Scranton Today is a tremendous loss to this community and to the goal of having an informed electorate. The people who worked on this station were totally committed to striving for this goal every day of the existance of Scranton Today. I mourn the loss of this station.

Emily Perry

Message from Laurie Cadden

Message from Laurie Cadden, Producer of "Talk of the Town" and member of the Scranton Today Board of Directors

Dear Viewers,

I have been the host of "Talk of the Town" for the past 5 years and I so appreciate your loyal viewership!

It has been so important for all of the non-profit organizations that have appeared on Scranton Today's Channel 61 screen over the years to get the well-deserved recognition they deserve.

I have taped about 375 shows for Scranton Today and have loved every minute of it!!!! It has been my honor to serve the organizations, Scranton Today and the viewers!!!

Thank you for the opportunity to bring to life the important, fun,educational and cultural events our region has to offer!

Laurie Cadden

Wednesday, June 25, 2008

Additional Statement

Dear Viewers,

We have received some questions about our earlier announcement that Scranton Today will "go dark" on Monday, June 30th at 9:30AM. Please note that this time and date were established by Comcast. Comcast informed us that they were directed by “the City of Scranton” to take this action.

We appreciate your concern.

Scott Thomas

Board of Directors

Scranton Today

"Go Dark" Date

Scranton Today will cease operations on Monday, June 30th at 9:30AM. We appreciate your loyal viewership and support over the last ten years.

Monday, June 23, 2008

Demonstration Tomorrow

The following notice is posted at the request of Ozzie Quinn and the Taxpayers Association:

“There will be a demonstration on the steps of Scranton City Hall at 9:00am on Tuesday June 24 to protest the change in management of Channels 61 and 62. Interested parties are encouraged to attend.”