Wednesday, May 21, 2008

Response to 5/20 City Council Meeting

This is in response to some comments made during the 5/21/08 City Council Meeting...

Zoning Board Meeting of 5/14: We neglected to tape this meeting because the volunteer who oversees daily operations was unavailable and was unable to remind our student assistant to tape the meeting. We apologize for this.

Taxpayers Association: In April, after the departure of our Station Manager, we informed the Taxpayers Association that we can no longer provide staff to tape their meetings. We did, however, train a volunteer from their organization, and the volunteer has been taping the meetings and providing us with the finished tape. This is in the true spirit of public access television.

Repeat Programming: Our equipment is in poor condition, and we do not have funding to replace it. As a result, we are forced to dub multiple programs onto a single tape for replay. This is a time-consuming process. Since we are limited to volunteer help and a student assistant, we can only update our schedule once-a-week (usually on Friday). In addition, there is no variation from day-to-day. Also, we no longer program Channel 62, and we longer program between midnight and 6AM. An average show will be repeated approximately 21 times. Our proposal included some modest funding for equipment improvements which would have allowed us to present different programming each day.

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