Thursday, March 20, 2008

Message from Lawrence Pugliese

Friends and Colleagues:

Thank you for the years of interest and support... It's been my honor and pleasure to serve my community through Stories, Wisdom & Recipes...

I hope to continue the program within the new paradigm presently being created by ECTV.

It's been a great run Scranton Today. Your legacy will always be on display within all future variations of public access television in NEPA. Your pioneering work will be remembered by those in the future who trace back through time this region's strong sense of civic understanding and involvement.

My compliments and my gratitude to you for establishing this wonderfully democratic ideal into something real. Here's to its future, and to all who've been involved as supporters and producers.

It is only with every aspect of our strong, dynamic, interdependent and intelligent community that this sort of effort could every be realized.

Our parcel of Penn's Wood is so much better now, and will be for future generations because of your work.

Thanks again... Talk with you soon...

Lawrence S. Pugliese

Producer of Stories, Wisdom & Recipes...

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